What do you love about golf?

The stormy weather across the UK over the last few weeks has not been very conducive to playing golf on the course. To remind everyone why they love the game (despite perhaps not being able to play) and to coincide with Valentine’s Day last month, I asked my followers what they love about golf.

The most common response related to the social side of golf. Golf is a game that can be played with friends and family but has also given many people the opportunity to meet new people. I have said this on previous blog posts, but I most certainly have golf to thank for helping me meet lots of new people that I would probably not have otherwise crossed paths with.

I do still play a lot of golf by myself and the ability to clear your mind and de-stress were other common themes in the responses. Golf courses, in my opinion, are some of the most beautiful places on this planet so getting out to play on them and taking in the scenery definitely contributes to my love of the game.

Then comes the sounds and feelings that golf evokes. The sound of the pure strikes, putting the ball and hearing it go into the hole without even looking, the excitement and the challenge to improve. One of my followers mentioned that the feeling of investing his time in something other than work is one of the reasons he loves golf which I totally agree with. Golf can be a very relaxing hobby as well as a stressful one but the investment in it and the improvements you make are worth every emotion.

Yesterday was International Women’s Day which is fitting as one of the other things I love about golf is seeing many more women taking up the game. A few of my female friends have begun playing since I started the blog and it has been amazing to see their excitement which reminds me of how I felt when I took up the game.

Happy golfing!