Welcome to my first ever blog!

I decided to set up this blog in order to keep up the motivation and dedication to golf and finally get a handicap.


I had my first golf lesson at the age of 16 and loved the game but with a combination of university and starting my career, I’ve been constantly getting into golf for a few weeks/months at a time and then having to drop it for other commitments. 


I have never written a blog before; this is very much just a space for me to put down my thoughts, rambles, motivations and tips as a lady playing golf in the UK. Just a quick disclaimer; any tips I include are things that work for me and may not work for everyone. Starting golf more seriously at my age is fairly uncommon; the ladies I know that play golf either tend to be much older than me and have played golf for many years or much younger than me and picked up a club almost as soon as they started walking!


I’m not sure what this blog is really going to look like and if anyone other than me will ever read it, but I’m going to give it a go and see what happens. 



Here’s to “Handicap Year 2019”