Golf in and out of Lockdown

When the opportunity to play golf out on the course was taken away from many of us across the world due to a global pandemic, the golfing community responded by finding ways of practising safely from the comfort of our own homes.

I remember digging my golf net out of the shed after years of it being put away and finding, to my dismay, that it was no longer useable. It looks like golfers around the UK were buying anything they could get their hands on to continue practice. Golf nets were like gold dust at the start of lockdown with a two month delivery time on most replacements I was looking at.

It has yet to be seen if the putting, 5 yard or 10 yard bucket chipping challenges I took part in during lockdown have improved my short game but it was wonderful to be part of such a warm community on Instagram where people would check in on each other and make sure the love of the game continued.

As restrictions in the UK began to ease, I was able to get back out on the course on Saturday 16 May 2020 after 10 weeks. To my surprise, I hit one of my longest drives on the first hole (which also happens to be one of my least favourite holes on the course) and was 1 under after 3 holes. My good fortune didn’t last for the rest of the 18 holes but it felt great to be back on the course. I was slightly worried that I wouldn’t remember how to play but that fortunately wasn’t the case.

I’ve not played as much golf as I would have liked over the past few months for a number of reasons but as tighter restrictions begin to be introduced in the UK once again, I think it is important to hold on to the freedom golf has given us over this time. It reminded me of a previous post:

Thank you to everyone for their kind words of support and let’s keep up the love of the game!

Happy golfing!