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Having already written two posts about “Golf Firsts” I was really excited on 6th June to receive a message from Rob and Warren from “The Average Golf Society” with an invite to speak on their podcast about my golf journey and ladies golf. A week later we were recording!

I was the first guest they had that they didn’t know and I was slightly nervous about what they were going to ask me beforehand but I really didn’t need to be. They are both really friendly and we had a great talk about golf with a focus on ladies golf.

I wanted to use this space here to pick up a few things that I spoke about covering ladies golf specifically (this is definitely not a replacement for listening to the podcast so please do listen – details at the bottom of this post).

One question that came up was whether I saw women’s golf ever being as popular as men’s golf. I really think that the female golf world is missing a big star that people either look up to or recognise widely such as the female equivalent of Tiger Woods. At the time of writing this post, the current world number 1 and 2 in the LPGA rankings are Sung Hyun Park and Jin Young Ko. I think most people would struggle to name these players, however, even if you don’t play golf you will have probably heard of Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods who are in the top 5 in the men’s rankings. Tennis has female players such as Serena Williams that most people are familiar with. We discussed on the podcast how having some kind of female role model or standout star would be really beneficial to the game and would help promote ladies golf more widely.

Women do not earn as much as men on tour and, although I would of course love to see equal pay for men and women, until there is a similar level of demand to watch women’s golf to men’s then there just isn’t enough money (through ticket sales, sponsorships etc.) to enable pay to be the same. We discussed how more events like GolfSixes where men and women are both on the course together would promote ladies golf even further. Both Rob and Warren said they would go and watch a ladies golf event and made great points about how they’d actually probably pick up more about golf technique by watching the women play. Since the podcast, it was announced that the Women’s British Open purse is up this year by nearly 40% to a total of £3.6m but this is still much lower than the men’s purse which is more than double that.

The final point I want to mention on the blog is something I’ve spoken about before but being asked to be on the podcast was another perfect example of one of the positive effects of social media in that it allowed us to connect with each other when we probably wouldn’t otherwise have crossed paths. Our lives are different but what brings us together is our passion for golf and this has been evident to me over and over again through Instagram and this website. Warren mentioned that he could see from my account that I wasn’t trying to be in the spotlight but really just want to network with as many golfers around the world as I can and that is exactly it.

Please do go and listen to the podcast – the episode is called “Girl Power” and the episode notes describe me as “a prolific blogger and Instagrammer who writes under the moniker of Ladies Golf Blog.” I found that biography incredibly funny when I first read it! The Average Golf Society podcasts are all about discussing the golf of average golfers and it is really worth subscribing to their account and listening to their other podcasts. We are now planning a fourball for the Summer which I’m very much looking forward to! The details of their podcast and Instagram account are as follows:

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Instagram: @theaveragegolf

Happy golfing!