February Check In

I have to start this blog by talking about a typical British topic - the weather. On 1st February, I googled 'Best places for golf in February' as part of my February 2020 snow escape (thank you for all the suggestions that came in!). The snow was thankfully short-lived as we then experienced the warmest February day on record and some of the highest temperatures ever recorded in winter. I won't focus too much on the weather as this blog isn't about global warming(!) but I did get two pictures from the same spot exactly a week apart which are pretty:

I definitely did not play golf as much as I'd have liked this month but I did have another great lesson where we looked at the stats on a couple of my irons and I worked on the takeaway path a bit more. In the lesson we used a smashbag to make sure my hands stayed close to my body and didn't move too far away from me. In practice, I've been using a head cover as a reference point as you can see below:

When I have had the opportunity to play I have been feeling more confident and either hitting better or knowing where I'm going wrong. I have to do a little shout out to one of my good friends Kyle who has finally taken up golf after 6 years of me knowing him and we managed to have a fun range session this month. It's always nice finding new golf friends!

In terms of golf fashion (it is Ladies Golf Blog after all!) my new Nike Air Max 1 G golf shoes arrived this month and they have been comfortable so far. I also won my first prize from an Instagram giveaway by Peter Finch - a black Adidas Flat Brim Snapback Cap.

What's coming up?

I interviewed a caddie last month to understand their role in golf so look out for a blog post on that coming soon.

I'm off to a very exciting destination in March and hoping to get a couple of rounds of golf in there so look out for a post on that. I've said this before but the kindness of strangers was highlighted again to me this month when I asked for some course recommendations on Instagram from an account in the destination where I'm going and the guys were incredibly helpful. They even went out of their way and suggested calling the club out there for me to check tee times. I'm truly grateful for all the people I have been able to interact with across the world through this. I'm excited, let's go play more golf and get some cards in for a handicap!

Happy golfing!