Let Summer Golf Begin

June has been a good month of golf practice for me despite some injuries rearing their heads again. I definitely think a lesson at the start of the month helped me gain more confidence in my swing and gave me helpful pointers so I know what I need to work on.

As well as making my wrists work earlier in the long game (as I mentioned in my last post), I have been working on a new putting routine. I’m now doing two practice strokes behind the ball looking at the hole all the time and then I only look at my ball when I’m making the actual putt. For me, I’ve found this relaxes my putting stroke a lot more and helps me get a better feel for distance and control.

It was ironic that I saw Gary Player giving putting advice outside the clubhouse straight after my lesson (sneaky picture can be found on my Instagram account)!

One of my most memorable golf evenings this month has got to be on 21st June which was the longest day of the year here and meant I could play until around 10.20pm. It is sad to think that the days are only going to get shorter but at least the sun is out this week in the UK! I had the course to myself so was able to take some slow motion videos of my swing so I could analyse them in more detail myself.

There are some more pictures and videos on my Instagram page.

I have to also say a big congratulations to anyone who took part in the “Longest Day Golf Challenge 2018” and raised money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Getting up for a ridiculously early tee time and staying motivated to play throughout 4 consecutive rounds is an amazing achievement. I hope one year I’ll be able to take part in it too.

Here’s to the start of summer golf – happy golfing!