New golf coach

Just a brief post today! I had my first lesson with my new coach earlier this week and it was great getting another opinion on my golf swing. I had my last coach for several years before he left the club where I play so I was interested to see what a new coach would say about my swing and excited to try out some new techniques.

I’ve had a swing thought ingrained in my brain for years to go out wide on my swing whereas what we were working on in the lesson was to get my wrists working earlier so that I get more of a “whip” action which will help generate more power. This was the only thing we really worked on during the lesson which was great as my coach said he thinks this will help my game and most of the other components of my swing are already there.

As all good lessons should make you feel, I walked out feeling really confident about my swing and knew exactly what I needed to work on and the drills to use to help me get there. I’ll keep you updated on how I progress.

Don't forget an earlier blog post I did about golf lessons.

Happy golfing.