Emotions on a golf course

I enjoy/suffer from a range of emotions on the golf course and I’ve been reading lots about the mental side of the golf game. I thought I would do a quick post on some of the main ones I feel and hopefully it will resonate with several golfers out there.


I continue to be a bit nervous before approaching the first tee on a golf course. Warming up before going on the course definitely helps but I still do not know exactly how I’ll play. Last year I started playing with ladies that I had never played with before and their first impression of me as a golfer was that first shot on the first tee.

However, it is important to remember that the first shot is not really always an indication of how you’ll play the rest of the game so either way get the first shot out of the way and begin to enjoy the game/ go through the emotions below!


Euphoria may seem like too strong a word to use in the context of golf but I think it is appropriate. These are the moments when you hit a beautiful shot, the ball flight is amazing, you hear the sweet sound of the ball against the clubface and the swing felt effortless. It's when you say to your playing partners “Did you see that?” “Did you see how I did that?” “What did I do differently?” “Did anyone get a video of that?”

These are the shots you would love to replicate over and over again. They are the shots that make you feel like you should quit your job because you have found a new calling as a golf professional.

Unfortunately the emotion below often follows this one.


I really believe golf is a bit like life and sometimes in life something comes along that smacks you in the face. In the context of golf, this is hitting what you feel is the worst shot you have ever hit soon after hitting the shot that delivered so much euphoria in the preceding few minutes!

Different golfers will deal with this differently. I’ve been talking to fellow golfers about what they do so I’ll write a future post on this, but, for me, I try and laugh the bad shots off because at the end of the day although golf is a bit like life, it is still a game and I play it because I enjoy it and it challenges me. This helps me forget the bad shot so I can concentrate on the next one. It also cements that it was worth me getting my degree and qualifications so I haven’t wasted my time focussing on a golf career instead!


I never regret playing a round of golf. Even if I have not played very well, the round gives me an idea of what I need to work on during my practice. If I have played well then that is definitely a bonus. It also contributes to getting my 10,000 daily steps so that is most definitely worthwhile. The sense of fulfilment is therefore that of having gone out and got something done in the day. I’ve been out in the beautiful outdoors and got some fresh air.

My early evening rounds by myself are some of my favourite as I can be alone with my thoughts and am calm and relaxed.

I look forward to hearing how you all feel out on the course and stay tuned for more about the mental side of the game for beginners.