5 Golf Balls (Pearls) of Wisdom

It's snowing in London today so rather than writing about practice, I've listed a few golf balls (pearls) of wisdom to remind us why we enjoy the game so much even when we can't play a round because of the weather.

1. I don't derive satisfaction from trying to satisfy other people's expectations. I am not out to prove anything to you or to anybody else. I am out to prove it to me.

David Duval

2. Golf is the only game that pits the player against an opponent, the weather, the minutest details of a large chunk of topography, and his own nervous system, all at the same time.

Mike Seabrook

3. Confidence in golf means being able to concentrate on the problem at hand with no outside interference.

Tom Watson

4. People who are great in other sports, whom I have worked with, always say that golf is the toughest game they've ever played because it's not just athleticism that enables them to be great. Golf is far more than that.

David Leadbetter

5. Golf is like life in a lot of ways: The most important competition is the one against yourself. All the biggest wounds are self-inflicted. And you get a lot of breaks you don't deserve both ways. So it's important not to get too upset when you're having a bad day.

Bill Clinton

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