3 Putting Drills

Over the last couple of weeks I have been focussing on my short game because it’s something I can still do after work with limited light! Although good news, the days are getting longer and it’s still just about light at 4pm here in the UK!

Below are three of my favourite putting drills that cover different parts of the putting stroke. I'm now starting to keep a note of how many balls I hit with each drill so that I start reaching higher targets:

1. Putt straight - Tiger’s putting gate

This is one of the first drills I used when I began putting and from what I’ve read, this is something Tiger Woods uses. A really important point when it comes to putting for me is not adjusting the club during the stroke. I often move my putter-face during my stroke without realising so this drill helps ensure I maintain a straighter stroke.

Use two tee pegs to create a gate just wider than the hole a certain distance away from the hole and see how many consecutive putts you can make cleanly through the gate.

To make this drill different you can also use two alignment sticks that are slightly wider than the gate and putt from a longer distance making sure to keep the ball within the alignment sticks.

2. Solid stroke - Foot up drill

I’ve seen Rory McIlroy use this drill and it really helps me stabilise my body when putting. All you need to do is lift your right leg up in the air (left for left-handed golfers). This helps you keep your balance and hit a solid stroke.

3. Distance control - Clock drill

I’ve been using this drill to end my putting practice over the last few weeks and I don’t let myself go home until I hole all the balls in a row using the clock drill.

You need 12 balls for this drill. Place 3 balls in a line 3, 6 and 9 feet away from the hole at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 positions on a clock. The aim of this drill is to hole all 12 balls in a row and if you miss any start from the beginning. This is great for distance control and maximising confidence when you face these distances on the course.

You can make this drill longer by doing every position on a clock using 36 balls if you’ve got time (pun intended)!

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