Why did I start playing golf?

I had my first golf lesson at the age of 16. It was a group lesson with other girls and I was surprised at how quickly the swing clicked for me. I was definitely not brilliant but without knowing anything about golf I had absolutely no inhibitions and just swung the club. My teacher Matt said he thought I had great potential. I don’t know whether he was just saying that to keep me having lessons or not (!) but I was pleased and started playing on and off throughout that summer.

Fast forward 9 years and my golf journey has hit many bumps. This has mainly been due to going to university in London and not being able to play and then starting my career. When I did have time to play golf I absolutely loved it but my lessons were few and far between and I've had stints of playing regularly for a few weeks or throughout the summer months and then stopped. I’ll post more about golfing as a young lady in later posts but I started to build up my confidence as quickly as I could so that I could get out on the course as much as possible.

I love the game – it is not unusual for me to try and fit in as many holes as I can after work before it gets too dark and I can’t see the ball anymore! There’s something about going through the emotions of joy, anger, annoyance and laughing at yourself all within 10 minutes that makes me enjoy the game so much.

I also like having time to myself and you can do that with golf. You can play with a group of friends or you can just go out on your own and no matter how you play you’re always competing with yourself!

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