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1 year anniversary

It has officially been a year since I started the blog and my Instagram account – the time has flown by.

I’ve pulled together a very quick 1-minute highlights video (with incredibly amateur video making skills). Instagram only allows 1 minute videos which is lucky in some ways as otherwise it would probably be over an hour to fit in all of this year’s highlights!

Thank you for all your support. My friends and family have been amazing at encouraging me and proof reading many of my posts. Seeing people from across the world view my blog really does make my day and although I’m still really not sure what 1400+ followers on my Instagram account find interesting about my content, you all make me go out to practise so if nothing else I get some content to post!

When I posted my first swing video back in January I will admit that I was quite nervous about the reaction I would get. However, I had nothing to worry about. I have received lots of positive comments that have really built up my confidence and any teasing/tough love from my family and friends has also spurred me on! I am definitely not anywhere near perfect or where I want to be – I still hit awful shots, I still have days where I could probably hit the ball further with my putter than my woods but I am still learning and enjoying the game. I also need to actually hand in my cards to get my handicap too.

When I first started I wasn’t sure anyone other than my family and me would read the blog so one of the most fulfilling parts of this journey is the unexpected messages I have received from people saying I’ve made an impact on their game or said something that is exactly what they needed to hear. Growing the game in whatever tiny way I can is an amazing feeling.

It has been a year of fake swings in front of famous places (#landmarkgolf), my first two golf holidays ever, lessons with a new coach, my best scores ever, meeting old golf friends and making new golf friends across the world.

For anyone wanting to start a blog like this I would highly recommend it. A big philosophy of mine is just to give everything a go so you don’t regret not trying. I’ve not had as much time as I’d like to dedicate to the blog or even to my golf sometimes as life does get in the way but I am very excited to see what the next year brings.

A big thank you again.

Happy golfing and happy new year!

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