1 year anniversary

It has officially been a year since I started the blog and my Instagram account – the time has flown by. I’ve pulled together a very quick 1-minute highlights video (with incredibly amateur video making skills). Instagram only allows 1 minute videos which is lucky in some ways as otherwise it would probably be over an hour to fit in all of this year’s highlights! Thank you for all your support. My friends and family have been amazing at encouraging me and proof reading many of my posts. Seeing people from across the world view my blog really does make my day and although I’m still really not sure what 1400+ followers on my Instagram account find interesting about my content, you all make me

Golf in Dubai

Back on the 28 January this year when I posted my first swing video and mentioned Li Haotong winning the Dubai Desert Classic whilst I was having a range session in the strong UK winds, I didn't expect that exactly 10 months later I would be setting off to play golf in Dubai. Whilst the golf is still very fresh in my head it’s time to do a little round up of golf in Dubai. I was very excited to leave the cold UK behind in search of some sunshine but I was also a bit nervous to be playing on new courses and that it may be too hot to play well but thankfully the weather was just perfect. The hottest temperature was around 32 degrees Celsius but most days I played the temperature was in the mid

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