Let Summer Golf Begin

June has been a good month of golf practice for me despite some injuries rearing their heads again. I definitely think a lesson at the start of the month helped me gain more confidence in my swing and gave me helpful pointers so I know what I need to work on. As well as making my wrists work earlier in the long game (as I mentioned in my last post), I have been working on a new putting routine. I’m now doing two practice strokes behind the ball looking at the hole all the time and then I only look at my ball when I’m making the actual putt. For me, I’ve found this relaxes my putting stroke a lot more and helps me get a better feel for distance and control. It was ironic that I saw Gary Playe

New golf coach

Just a brief post today! I had my first lesson with my new coach earlier this week and it was great getting another opinion on my golf swing. I had my last coach for several years before he left the club where I play so I was interested to see what a new coach would say about my swing and excited to try out some new techniques. I’ve had a swing thought ingrained in my brain for years to go out wide on my swing whereas what we were working on in the lesson was to get my wrists working earlier so that I get more of a “whip” action which will help generate more power. This was the only thing we really worked on during the lesson which was great as my coach said he thinks this will help my game

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