Golf Etiquette - some basics

Before you get out on the golf course there is some golf etiquette you should know. If your first time out on the golf course is with a regular golfer you will learn a lot about the golf etiquette from them. There are hundreds of little bits of golf etiquette that I haven’t included which you will learn as you play but here are a few of the things that you should know: 1. Clothing and equipment You should check the dress code before going on the course. The golf course’s website should have the dress code rules. Some of the usual rules are men’s shirts should have a collar and sleeves, ladies may wear sleeveless shirts but they should have a collar; shorts should be at least Bermuda-length,

3 Putting Drills

Over the last couple of weeks I have been focussing on my short game because it’s something I can still do after work with limited light! Although good news, the days are getting longer and it’s still just about light at 4pm here in the UK! Below are three of my favourite putting drills that cover different parts of the putting stroke. I'm now starting to keep a note of how many balls I hit with each drill so that I start reaching higher targets: 1. Putt straight - Tiger’s putting gate This is one of the first drills I used when I began putting and from what I’ve read, this is something Tiger Woods uses. A really important point when it comes to putting for me is not adjusting the club durin

5 Tips for Every Beginner

1. Don’t take yourself too seriously Everyone knows that golf is one of the most frustrating sports you can play so when you start make sure you’re having fun. If you get annoyed, you’ll tense up and then lose the beauty of a smooth swing. You are bound to miss the ball or hit bad shots so just laugh it off and remember: “Every master was once a beginner. Every pro was once an amateur. ” Robin Sharma 2. Don’t be intimidated by others As I started to become more interested in golf, I found that I needed to build up some confidence even with simple things like going to the driving range. Although plenty of ladies play golf, it is still predominately a male sport and about 90% of the time I

Why did I start playing golf?

I had my first golf lesson at the age of 16. It was a group lesson with other girls and I was surprised at how quickly the swing clicked for me. I was definitely not brilliant but without knowing anything about golf I had absolutely no inhibitions and just swung the club. My teacher Matt said he thought I had great potential. I don’t know whether he was just saying that to keep me having lessons or not (!) but I was pleased and started playing on and off throughout that summer. Fast forward 9 years and my golf journey has hit many bumps. This has mainly been due to going to university in London and not being able to play and then starting my career. When I did have time to play golf I absolu

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